Pro-Active Anti-Terrorism - Defusing Marginalization

Muslims from different parts of the world continue settling in Florida and the Caribbean with Trinidad and Tobago having the highest rate of Islamic state recruitment in the Western hemisphere. There, like in many other places, marginalization and alienation are two of the leading causes for creating terrorists out of moderate Muslims.

The Abrahamic Initiative is taking a proactive and prayerful approach to defusing marginalization by dispelling the prejudice against Muslims and addressing key issues of contention between the three Abrahamic faiths.

Fanatical Islam, neo-Nazis and other hate groups have all mixed into a mentally deranged and dangerous pot toproduce today's terrorism.

If we are to successfully develop a platform to address antiterrorism it is vital to address not just Jihadism but other very pertinent issues from a spiritual, emotional andreligious organizational perspective.