Financial Empowerment: Health & Wealth

Holistic health and healing are the main focuses of Hagiazo Healing Outreach. Our Ministry's approach to health care is an holistic one that addresses the body, soul and spirit providing natural and spiritual information through diverse media and event outreaches.

Our key focus is to encourage “your best health”.

Through The Abrahamic Initiative we are presenting an ambitious endeavor to take an holistic healing approach to building bridges of friendship for meaningful dialogue and beneficial exchange.

We are committed to networking and learning from our Middle Eastern Partners to present an internationally dynamic product to enhance Medical Tourism and cutting edge health care.

The Initiative aims to present a final product that will present multiple opportunities and benefits for all nations involved as it also addresses the looming, global economic crisis caused by the insufficiency of world resources.

Recent research from the StepChange Debt Charity shows that debt can have a profound effect on mental health and well being: 78 % of people said their debt problems had affected their selfconfidence and 35 % of people said unmanageable debt had led to relationship problems and breakdown.

Hagiazo Healing Outreach's main goal through The Abrahamic Initiative is to expand financial markets for international investment to foster a greater stimulation for national economic growth.

“The real wealth of the made up of men, of children, and of future generations. It is this which constitutes the real treasure.” Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, Former President & Key Founder of the United Arab Emirates

Hagiazo's Abrahamic Initiative will be internationally, powerfully linked to key groups better enabling us to engage with the global markets of our international Partner nations and to maximize international opportunities for networking, advisement and investment.